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We are proud to announce a new international recognition for SoloContigo Winery.

In the prestigious contest, DECANTER WINE AWARDS 2017 (UK), SoloContigo Colección Malbec 2014 received both the Platinum Medal – 95 points and Argentina’s Best Malbec. The Platinum Medal is the most important award presented by the contest.

Within the same contest, our Colección Blend 2014 also obtained the Silver Medal – 92 points. The 2013 vintage of this wine won the Gold Medal – 95 points last year as well.

These are new recognitions among those obtained from other specialized media such as Robert Parker, Wine Enthusiast, and in past editions of the Decanter contest.

In just three years of commercial life, SoloContigo has gained recognition from the most important journalist around the world, and is positioned as one of the leading quality wine producers in Argentina.

SoloContigo began as a personal project of Terry and Noel Neelands from Toronto, Canada in 2008.

The winery and vineyards of SoloContigo are located in Los Chacayes, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level.

The winery has a production capacity of 500,000 liters, through its stainless-steel tanks, concrete vats, 7,000 liter oak tonels, and 225 liter French oak barrels.


Autiq Grand Prix Visit to the SoloContigo Winery

One week after the grand opening, Autiq, a company dedicated to designing luxury car tours for vintage sport car aficionados, brought the annual classic car rally to SoloContigo’s doorstep.

A fun time was had by all on this spectacular day in the Uco Valley, Argentina. Check out some of the rally footage below and be sure to visit Autiq’s chic website here.

SoloContigo Winery Grand Opening

SoloContigo Winery officially opened it’s doors on October 29, 2016. Owners, Terry and Noel Neelands, welcomed each of the 300 guests that arrived from across Argentina, Canada, and the United States, to celebrate a vibrant evening dedicated to wine, art, and music.

The spectacular Uco Valley setting, along with the contemporary architecture of the winery, designed by the renowned architects at Bormida & Yanzon, provided guests with the ideal indoor and outdoor backdrop to enjoy SoloContigo wine paired with the delicacies created by chef Natalia Cruz. The winery walls and art gallery featured the colorful and witty artwork of Silvina Benguria, one of Buenos Aires’ most appreciated modern artists. The outdoor lounge-like space invited guests to either relax and enjoy a night under the starry Uco Valley sky or hit the dance floor and enjoy the retro dance beats from Spaghetti Western and DJ Manuel Dabul.

The evening gave guests a preview of what SoloContigo hopes to bring to world of wine. Check it out for yourself!

SoloContigo Winery – Sneak Peak!

SoloContigo’s construction project team put their final touches on the new winery in the Uco Valley, Argentina, this month. A sneak peak at the final design and experiential flow amplifies the anticipation of the winery opening in May 2016.

The winery showcases the architecture and design expertise of the local group, Bormida and Yanzon Architects, known for their ability to design contemporary buildings that tie into the natural landscape. Owners, Noel and Terry Neelands worked closely with the team throughout the project’s lifecycle to incorporate their passion for wine, art and design into the final product.

The contrast between the rugged Andean landscape, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the tourism area, and the bright-colored, yet warm and inviting furniture of the tasting room, invites the senses to indulge. The provocative artwork from the gallery combined with the retro, blues, or jazz music playing over the surround sound system also sets the stage for what is sure to be a wine tasting experience unlike any other.

SoloContigo seeks to invite visitors to stay a while and experience the remote surroundings. Guests may also choose to taste wine in one of the outdoor cabanas or patio spaces. The uninterrupted views of the Andes mountains, landscaped gardens, and malbec vineyards surrounding the property inspire tranquility and relaxation. For a more elegant tasting, take a trip downstairs to the romantically-lit, underground cave that not only houses the barreled wine, but also the glass enclosed tasting area, complete with a long hand crafted wood tasting table and ornate, low-hanging chandelier.

Stay tuned for opening news and harvest 2016!

2015 Harvest Report “First Crush”

2015 HarvestThe SoloContigo winery team successfully completed its inaugural harvest in the newly constructed production nave in the Uco Valley. The new nave contains three different types of tanks: cement, stainless steel, and oak. Each style of tank will uniquely modify and advance the profiles of Solo Contigo’s 2015 vintage throughout the year.

Once again, SoloContigo harvested grapes from the company’s estate vineyards as well as the famous sub-region of AltaMira within the Uco Valley, two premium and super premium growing regions located at higher altitudes of 2800 ft (850m) – 3600 ft (1200m) at the base of the Andes Mountains. The high daytime temperatures and low nighttime temperatures paired with the unique soil makeup of the region (clay and rock based with a stony and sandy surface) directly affects the stress and yields on the grapes during the growing season.

2015 HarvestThe region experienced abnormal rainfall late in the season, which immediately challenged German and the team. The first bins of Malbec grapes touched the new sorting table the second week of March and continued to be sorted, de-stemmed, and crushed through late April, with the juice being gravity fed into one of the three different types of tanks. Unlike traditional winemaking, there is no use of pumps or mechanical force applied during the initial stages of the winemaking process, which enables the wine to extract color, flavor and tannin.

German collaborated with the harvest helpers to harvest super premium Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and premium Malbec. By the third week of April, the team began pressing the first batch to begin primary fermentation. By May, the winery held 76,925 liters of fresh juice, which will continue to ferment and age in the new winery in the months to come. The SoloContigo team looks forward to sharing the next vintage only with you!

SoloContigo Breaks Ground in the Uco Valley, Mendoza

As the year comes to close, the SoloContigo team looks back to note some exciting milestones since breaking ground on a new winery in the Uco Valley on October 1st, 2014. The collaboration between Mendoza’s esteemed Bórmida and Yanzon architects and designers, Creative PMO project managers, and head winemaker, German Paez, facilitates Terry and Noel Neelands’ vision to a progressive reality.



The lead architect, Eliana Bórmida, defines the architectural concept of SoloContigo’s new winery in reference to four main premises:

Functionality – To create a space that optimizes gravity flow and sustainable winemaking techniques.

Landscape – To achieve a full integration with the Andean nature, it’s climate and surrounding vineyards.

Experiential flow between interior and outdoor spaces – To connect wine, art, and leisure for optimal enjoyment of visitors through different mediums.

Design – To express a unique identity connected to the vision of Terry and Noel Neelands.


The project kick-off meeting in November 2014 brought the SoloContigo project team leadership to the construction site to discuss design and construction evolvement, schedule expectations, and production capacity details. A follow-up Phase II team meeting will be held in January to discuss ongoing progress. The team meets every week on site and at Mendoza offices to monitor and control the project. Project manager, Mauricio Garay, provides notable facts and schedule expectations for the winery’s construction:

The winery is expected to start production in March 2015, with the total capacity amounting to 100,000 liters. At the moment, the fermentation tanks, which are made out of stainless steel, wood, and concrete, as well as French oak barrels, are on their way to the Uco Valley thanks to German Paez’s collaboration. The construction team works to complete the ceiling placement on the first cava this week, which will give us the space necessary to start setting up for 2015 harvest and production.

SoloContigo’s project team anticipates an exciting year ahead with completion set for December 2015. Stay tuned for more updates as SoloContigo moves into Phase II!

SoloContigo Adds Art to Winery Experience

SoloContigo Adds Art To Winery Experience

Plans for a ground breaking winery that features a premium art gallery and subterranean barrel room have been approved for construction by SoloContigo Wines of Mendoza. Work on the new winery is now underway, with February 2015 forecast as the completion date.

Award-winning architectural firm Bormida and Yanzon of Mendoza was contracted to design the new winery. It is responsible for setting new standards in the creation of distinctive, modern wineries in this renowned wine region of Argentina.

Blueprints for the SoloContigo winery include a tasting room with spectacular floor-to-ceiling views of the vineyards and the nearby Andes mountains. The gallery is a unique inclusion that will showcase works by international artists. Argentine artists will also be featured, and the mediums represented will encompass sculpture, paint, photography and more.

“We believe this will be a distinctive addition to the Mendoza winery community, combining the art experience with the art of winemaking,” said Noel Neelands, president of SoloContigo Wines.

The SoloContigo winery will be built within a winery village in Mendoza. Mendoza has been recognized as one of the world’s top destinations for winery tourism, with an increasingly popular tour route that draws wine enthusiasts from around the globe.

SoloContigo Wines is ideally positioned to welcome these visitors. They will have the opportunity to sample wines from the entire portfolio of SoloContigo vintages. These include a 2010 Reserva and 2010 Coleccion; plus a 2011Premium Malbec, 2011 Torrontes and 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.

Arriving in the marketplace soon will be a 2011 Reserva and 2011 Coleccion; plus a 2012 Premium Malbec, 2012 Torrontes, 2012 Unoaked Chardonnay and 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.

SoloContigo is a boutique winery in the Uco Valley south of Mendoza, producing exclusive lines ofpremium and super premium wines.